Nordiskt upprop: Free Gui Minhai!

Publicerad 3 mars 2020

Den Nordiska Journalistfederationen, NJF, antog tisdagen 3 mars 2020 ett uttalande för frigivandet av den svenska medborgaren och bokförläggaren Gui Minhai.


Gui Minhai

Free Gui Minhai!

The Swedish citizen and book publisher, Gui Minhai, disappeared from his apartment in Thailand in October 2015. He later turned up imprisoned in China. Since then he has been held against his will in China.

One week ago Gui Minhai was sentenced to ten years in prison for espionage. It is obvious that the real reason behind the verdict is Gui Minhai's work as a publisher. The imprisonment is a clear violation of the human rights of Gui Minhai.

This is not the first time China uses unacceptable means to try to silence those who stand up for freedom of speech. The actions carried out by the government in China in the case of Gui Minhai is an attack on freedom of expression. 
The Nordic Federation of Journalists…

  •  …condemns the Chinese government for the imprisonment of Gui Minhai and for not ensuring him his fundamental human rights.
  • …calls on the Chinese government to free Gui Minhai and to allow him to return to Sweden and to reunite with his family.
  • …calls on governments of the Nordic countries and the European Union to do their outmost in order to get Gui Minhai free.


Ulrika Hyllert, president, Swedish Union of Journalists

Tine Johansen, president, Danish Union of Journalists

Hanne Aho, president, Union of Journalists in Finland

Hege Iren Frantzen, president, Norwegian Union of Journalists

Hjalmar Jonsson, president, Union of Icelandic Journalists


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