Membership for journalists newly arrived in Sweden

If you have been working as a journalist before arriving to Sweden you can apply for an associated membership of The Swedish Union of Journalists.

Who can apply?

You can apply for the associated membership as soon as you have been granted a residence permit in Sweden (permanent or temporary).

To be accepted as an associated member you must be able to prove that you have been working as a journalist outside of Sweden. This can be proven in different ways (union membership, links to publicized articles etc.) You don’t yet need to work as a journalist in Sweden.

What is included in the associated membership?

The associated membership gives you the opportunity to get advice from us, start building a professional network in Sweden and to get a Swedish press card. We will help you take your first steps into the Swedish media labour market.

In the larger Swedish cities we organize social events throughout the year. We can also help you get in contact with our local representatives and different clubs based on your interest.

We cannot represent you in any legal issues in your working life or in migration processes and you cannot get the The International Press Card (IPC) as an associated member.

For how long is the associated membership valid?

The associated membership is valid for at the longest five years after you have been granted residence in Sweden.

If you during this time get an employment as a journalist or start to work as a freelancer with journalistic activities on behalf of a Swedish media you can, and should, apply for our standard membership.

The standard membership gives you more benefits, such as help with bargaining your salary, legal representation towards your employer and in most cases an income insurance.

How much does the associated membership cost?

The associated membership costs 250 Swedish krona per 12 months and is payed for in advance.

Read more about The Swedish Union of Journalists.

Application form below

This membership is possible to receive and keep for a maximum of five years after receiving a Swedish residence permit (uppehållstillstånd).
Your Swedish personal identity number consists of your date of birth followed by four digits. 
The country(-ies) where you have been working professionally as a journalist, before coming to Sweden. 
If you have been employed, enter the name of your employer(s). If you have been working as a freelance journalist, enter the name of your clients or publications you have been doing freelance work for.
Enter publications where your work has been published (newspaper/TV/magazine/radio/web media etc). Specify which years you have been published. If there is a link to some of your work, please write it in this field.
If you have been a member of a national journalist union, please enter the name of the union here. 
If it is something you want to add that wasn't in the form, please add it here. 
By clicking this checkbox and sending this application you certify that your information is authentic and approve of our privacy policy and our membership terms.

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