NJF-stöd till strejkande kollegor på Island

Publicerad 21 november 2019

Den nordiska journalistfederationen NJF gick idag ut med ett uttalande där de på nytt visar sitt fulla stöd till våra isländska kollegor i deras strejk för högre löner. Uttalandet antogs vid ett nordiskt möte i Bryssel. 

Declaration of support
The Nordic federation of journalists met in Brussels on the 21st of November

The meeting decided on the following declaration of support:
The Nordic Federation of Journalists supports our Icelandic colleagues in their strike and their demands for higher wages. Journalism costs money. In order to be able to offer consumers quality journalism, you need dedicated and professional journalists. The media industry in Iceland as in the other Nordic countries has undergone a structural transformation and tough economic times. However, there is a limit to how much you can save when it comes to the employees in the newsrooms. Our Icelandic colleagues are now drawing a line. They demand higher wages. We fully support their demands.

  • Tine Johansen, president of the Danish Union of Journalists
  • Hanne Aho, president of the Union of Journalists in Finland
  • Ulrika Hyllert, president of the Swedish Union of Journalists
  • Hege Iren Frantzen, president of the Norwegian Union of Journalists
  • Jón Brian Hvidtfeldt, president of the Union of Journalists in Faroe Island

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