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Sebastian Lindström is a Emmy-nominerad filmmaker and co-founder of storytelling collective What Took You So Long ( Born and raised in Sweden, Sebastian now lives in Ukraine after traveling and filming in over 160 countries.

Born and raised in Sweden, Lindström left his childhood’s safe haven to train with the special forces as an arctic ranger on skis. He went on to develop his passion for film – underwater, on land, and on the skies, in over 160 countries. More often than not, Sebastian is drawn to natural disaster and politically challenging situations because in these hard moments of human evolution our shared humanity shines like a beacon, if you know where to direct your camera. Swimming next to giant magnificent whales and droning into an active volcano are two ways Sebastian taps into natures greatness - the source of his commitment to storytelling.

He is currently offering front-line support in Ukraine.
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Kiev, Ukraina, 02000

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  • Kiev, Ukraina, 02000
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