Vi fördömer Kina-angrepp mot Jojje Olsson

Publicerad 13 april 2021

Kinas ambassad har vid flera tillfällen skrivit brev där journalisten Jojje Olsson uppenbart baktalas och misstänkliggörs i sin roll som journalist. Journalistförbundet fördömer dessa angrepp och vår ordförande Ulrika Hyllert har skickat ett protestbrev till Kinas ambassad i Stockholm. 

Här kan du läsa brevet i sin helhet:

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden
Lidovägen 8
115 25 Stockholm

Regarding the journalist Jojje Olsson

The Swedish Union of Journalists has noted that the Chinese embassy in Stockholm on several occasions has written letters to the journalist Jojje Olsson. For the Swedish Union of Journalists, the professional ethics of journalists is very important. We welcome debate about ethics as well as the work of journalists. Contacting journalists with questions or comments is therefore something that we generally welcome.

However, there is a difference between criticizing a journalist in a respectful way and the kind of letters that the that the Chinese embassy has sent to Jojje Olsson. Reading the latest letter, it is obvious that the embassy has no other intention than to slander and cast suspicion on Jojje Olsson in his role as an objective, professional, journalist. Jojje Olsson has covered China for a long time. He’s a well-known and respected China expert that, like many other foreign journalists covering China, is unable to live and work in Chine due to the crackdown on media freedom in the country.

As a union leader that constantly work to prevent threats against journalists, I’m especially concerned by the way that the embassy chooses to finish the letter to Jojje Olsson:

“We ask you to immediately stop the wrongful actions, otherwise you eventually will face the consequences of your own actions.”

This resembles the kind of hate speech that our members face on social media from anonymous trolls after covering controversial topics. I would not have expected the same language from an embassy. This is unacceptable and something we will never tolerate.

The Swedish Union of Journalists condemn the Chinese Embassy’s attack against Jojje Olsson.

Ulrika Hyllert 
Swedish Union of Journalists

Senast ändrad 13 april 2021